My story.


My name is Robert Blaise and I am the owner, designer, and craftsman at PS Crafted. At an early age, I always had an interest in the creative aspects of woodworking and electronics. My journey into woodworking dates back to 1997 when we purchased our first “fixer-upper” and simply did not have the budget to hire a contractor to perform the repair/upgrades that we desired. Throughout the years, our properties became creatives spaces that allowed me to experiment and generate new ideas. My area of interest in woodworking is furniture design, boxes creations, and repair and restoration.

In 2018, I became consumed with advanced woodworking tools such as a CNC router (computer numerical control) and laser cutter. These computer-controlled tools allow me to bridge my interest in technology with my passion for woodworking.

Some may dispel digital craftsmanship in woodworking, however, the use of these automation tools is still highly dependent on human involvement and require traditional craftsmanship skills to finish the product. Traditional craftsmanship skills are at the core of what we do at PS Crafted.

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